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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fundraising for Mission Trips

Has your church or church group got the call from God go into missions? The vision came to you and now you’re looking at all kinds of mission trips, mission trips to Africa, college mission trips, and family mission trips. Then Jesus came knocking at your door and you found it. Its perfect fit for your group, but how in the world do raise the money. Fundraising for mission trips is not that hard and came pull your them together before the trip. It creates a bond between your group and your church family. I got five great fundraising ideas for mission trips.

· Prayer, I think this is the most powerful way to raise your funds. Get people to pray about it. Make sure that the core group is put on the prayer list. You never know who is going to read it and have it laid on their hearts. Once your church is behind you with this all falls into place.

· Yard Sale is to everybody liking even to the ones hate going to them. It gets rid of your junk. Everybody has heard the saying “one man trash is another’s treasure.” So get into the garage, attic, and even pull out that old broken lawn mower somebody is going to buy it for a few dollars. Remember sell cheap people are looking for deals not Wal-Mart prices. I learn this from Mom so you know it’s true. Moms never tell a story!

· Bake Sales are great too. I love them because of all the delicious foods. Also it’s a great way for older people to donate their time to your cause. See they got the time to bake some great goodies. Grandma’s cookies, need I say anymore! Put a sheet a paper below each of your bake goods and have people bid on them. They are fun or just put a price on it have people buy it.

· Put on a play for your community. This is great for your mission group as they will bond even more before the trip. It is also great to bring people from the community to your church. That’s the whole idea anyway. Make sure you have a Love offering at the end.

· Auction, this is kind of like the bake sale. Have people bring typically unused or new products to sell. Put a piece of paper below each item to allow bidding. People put their price they are willing to pay. Each person below will have a higher price than the one before. Be sure to have a designated time frame. I like three to four weeks in churches because how many times do you actually go. The one who has the highest bid wins.

These are just some ideas to help in your fundraising for mission trips. The key really is getting the word out that you need the money. Along the way you will bond and be a better church for yourselves and your community. In the process all your church family will have taken part in “The Great Commission.”

God Bless Penguin
I attend Toccoa First United Methodist Church.Come and see me. Mention my Blog and I will give you a hug.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Put On the Shelf

Today, I discovered that putting my heater on the ground instead of on a shelf. The room quickly heated up. It got me thinking what else have I put on the shelf. Others things I have been putting on the shelf at times were gifts given to me by my Mom and Grandma. They were giving me food stuff like hot sauce, pineapple salsa, micro beers, and wines. They wanted me to experience the local flavors because they knew I like to try different foods from areas . Couldn’t figure out why they were giving these things to me.I thought I would put it on display shelf. I truly thought they were shelf items. It was like when you collect Coke bottles and souvenir type stuff. I guess that’s why I thought to put it on self for decorating because they were coming back from various vacations. I was really appreciative of it. My intentions were to save it for a later day. It just sat there and I didn’t get to enjoy either. I let them down. In the past we have all been guilty of putting things on the shelf, aren’t we?

At times we put God on a shelf to enjoy on another day. He doesn’t want that he wants a fruitful relationship with you. As with any relationship you have to communicate with that person. Communicating with God is through prayer. That means literally talking to Him like you talk to your Mom. Asking questions, concerns, things you would want. Then allowing him talk to you. That means being silent and free from dilly dally. Like picking your nose, yeah I know you do? Or just squirming around. Concentrate he will answer your questions.

In that day you will no longer ask me anything. I tell you the truth, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. John 16:23-24

I guarantee if you ask in Jesus name and believe in it. He will answer you. So, please my friends stop storing your relationship with Jesus on shelf. Start talking and things that go bump in the night will not have you terrified. You will have a joyous, adventurous and rewarding life.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is in a dollar?

What is in a dollar? I know you’re going to 100 pennies. No, it’s an agreement to you and me. I agree that this is worth this much only because this bill is worth something to somebody else. That’s what God said to you and me he sent his only begotten Son into world to save our wretched behinds. Can you imagine sending your son or daughter into a fallen world where there is death and hatred? God did because he loves you so much he gave his most precious prize to you and all you have to do is believe in him with all your heart and mind.

Why, you say? Because he loves you. Yes I can say that’s a hard concept to accept. So let’s explore LOVE. Love is an action word. Love can be given. Love can be earned. Love can be bought. But only you can only choose to accept it. There is nothing I can do to make you take it. There is no price on it unless you or I choose to put a value on it. Just like $1 it’s only valuable to someone desiring it.

I bought it, hook line and sinker. I bought Jesus as my savior. I choose to Love him and honor his teachings. Which are in a book called the Bible? The Bible is the written word of God. He inspired the words in the Bible and used approximately 40 different authors to write his words. These authors wrote over a span 1,500 years. The perfect agreement of these writers is one proof they were inspired by one true author, GOD. All passages are to be used to teach, to reprove ,correct from evil and to teach righteousness. They will help you live right and equip you to work for Him.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Am I Nuts?

Life is scary if we make it out to be. When I was a truck driver I continually find people and tell me you were there, that’s a bad neighborhood to get out and walk are you nuts. Am I nuts,well I-suppose I am. It seems to me it’s only what you make of it that’s bad. You got to act like you belong there that’s the key. The other major factor is God has your back in any situation. He is not going to send you some where you are not equipped to handle.

Recently I got divorced, not because of what I did but things she had planned to do before we were married. Any how I was so depressed with grief and empty loss of trust. I could hardly move or want to move. I had panic attacks and crazy feelings that I never want to deal with again. But then one day talking to the Lord,” He said wake up you silly boy. I love you and you got things to do for me.” So I woke up and here I go down another road in life. A road of uncertainty. It’s scary, yeah, only if you make it out to be.

See I know-without a shadow of doubt that I will be with the Lord someday. Maybe today or tomorrow it’s really up to him. In the mean time I will live life for him and recruit as many people as I can through the life I lead. Life is scary only if I make it out to be?

I choose because in the end I will be in front of the most Glorious King, with the most compassionate hand. At one tenth of second chance at touching His enchanted robe it will be the most glorious thing I will endure. No pain on earth will or overcome that glorious moment in time. No way no how!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Wow!! I had an amazing two days. First I want to say thanks Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa. I got to serve them drinks and clean up after their dinner. I know this sounds like nothing to be thankful for but in reality I got to know these precious souls. They have been through most Hell adults could ever imagine and yet they came all the way from Africa (Kenya) to share and perform for me. Thank you so much. I look forward to next year to serve them in greater detail.

I am also thankful to serve my community at the food bank. It is a gift from God to serve Stevens counties people. I see more smiles as I stock and rotate food then are handed over to them. I know they will eat this week. Thanks you to those who donate. I get to see the recipient’s smiles. Please know you’re in prayers also. Without you we (food bank) would not exist. If you know them thank them personally for me and tell them they mean so much to a lot of people not just recipient.

Thanks for staying up to date with Penguin. Have a great Thanksgiving and remember those serving God overseas without their family.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Relationship with God

You know I have had a word that keeps popping up in my head. That word is consistency how am I consistent with the things I do? More importantly how am I consistent in my relationship with God. Well my first thought during thought process is that I am. Now I’m not sure .I do have some consistent things I do like driving to work, work, eat and just play around and not get things done. These things are not pleasing to God on the surface. If you’re mentioning and talking about Him then you are. Do you mention Him everytime? Well not me, so I’m guilty. Am I slow to anger, fast to help out, cheerful on a consistent basis. No I’m not. Unfortunately I have passed up many opportunities. I can’t even be consistent in this blog. I go for days without communicating to you. And because of that I feel guilty that I’m not sharing what God does for me. Let me tell you now that I am bless by him every day because of him.

God is always consistent. He’s there every day, every hour and every minute for you. That’s right only you. He loves you constantly. He never leaves you. He always forgives you when you come to him for forgiveness. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to know that he will never leave me or stop loving me. Its such a comfort to know I have a true BEST FRIEND.

On a personal note, not relating to this consistency stuff. See I told you I’m not consistent. A few days prior to Sunday I ran across this Daraja Children Choir of Africa. I really want to see it. I seem to always have my head in the sand. My church is sponsoring it dah! I had no idea so tonight I’m going to it before work. It’s going to be along day as I serve at the food bank in the morning. So I am going to put my trucker’s attitude on and put it in 13th gear.

I talk to you later friends. May God bless you! Penguin

Friday, November 20, 2009

God’s plan for you

Remember when you were getting ready to go on vacation how excited you were? Or even when as a child you were anticipating Christmas? God’s plan for you should be that exciting! What is God’s plan for you? Living your life as a Christian is his plan for you. Your daily lives are witnesses for Him. Here are five key evidences that you’re living His plan Joy, Love, Prayer, Optimism, and above all Everlasting Lasting Life.

The first is joy. Do you ever notice that Christians are always smiling and joyful? Even in the midst of a crisis. Yes, I know we show sadness too! But we bounce back. We know God is in control of everything. He is not going to let us suffer, hunger, or be without the company of others. Paul says in Philippians 4:4-5 “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say again Rejoice in the Lord. Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.” If you’re not joyous read Philippians it’s a manual on how to be Joyful in all.

Love, we never cease to love all things. The two greatest commandments are in Matthew 22:37-39 Love your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is loving your neighbor as yourself.”I don’t know about you the first is easy the second is a test of my will every day. When you’re a Christian it easier to love things because we know Christ is in all things. Even in your poo. Can you imagine the gas fumes if we didn’t have poo. Thank you Lord!

Prayer is one of my favorite things in life because I get to talk to my truly best friend. He knows what I am feeling and calms me down when I’m angry. Cheers me up when I’m sad. It also answers questions to my thoughts. This is your telephone line to God and all his wisdom. Make use of it daily. Did you know we are called to pray without ceasing?

Being an optimist is a byproduct of a Christian life. You can’t help it. Because you know the real truth in life. If you are sad then you know one day you will be glad. If you are hungry he will feed you. If you are without shelter he will provide it for you. Whatever bad is in your life God is going to make it better in the future. There is no doubt on this matter.

Last but not least God is going to give you Everlasting Life with him in heaven. Paradise, cool waters, mounds of meat, cheese, chocolate, and friends. All you have to do is believe in him. Wow it’s so easy! All I have to do is say “Lord Jesus I am a sinner and I want to believe in you with all my heart and soul. Please come in to my heart and forgive me of my trespasses against you.” But here is the Two Dollar catch the minute you say this. You Die! You will never be the same dreary person again. You are a child of God and like your own Father he will protect you and love you. Even better than that, He will never cease in caring for you.

Now you know you’re on God’s plan. Are you excited! Tell somebody about it. Tell them there is happiness that will not go away. Spread his Word so that all come to know his Him as their personal savoir.

God Bless Penguin.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stocking the Shelves

I’m sorry followers. It has been so hectic lately I have neglected you. As we go into the holiday season there are millions of people without hope. They have not found Jesus. What are we doing to promote Him? It doesn’t have to be that hard. It really is just living your lives in a Joyous manner with compassion. Christ called us to live joyfully. Are you living that way? Are you complaining grumbling?

Today I worked at the food bank. I truly enjoy it. It’s rewarding to me and I work with special people who give of their time as well. Today was a record breaking day we served over 90 families. I kept stocking the shelves and we were running out of stuff. We received a generous donation of hams and for three weeks we have distributed them. Today we ran out of them and some did not receive them. It was heart breaking to those people as well as to the volunteers. Unfortunately we all have been Wal-Mart accustomed. By that I mean they wanted a voucher, for next week and expected it. We just can’t do that who knows what donations will come in next week.

The next couple of months are really sad when most of our society realizes they have nothing to give to their families and it takes a toll on them. If you feel lead to give, please do we really need it. Each week our inventories grow lower and lower. As the number of families get larger. If don’t know what to give. All food banks need canned meats, soups, rice, beans, canned fruits, sugar, and cereals. Just go down your grocery list and double it. If you like it chances are someone else needs it and will enjoy. Also check the expiration dates this saves the volunteer time of sorting and discarding them.

If you feel daring and want to. Why not go the extra mile and double your grocery list the next time you go grocery shopping and donate it. Don’t know where? Start at your church chances are there is someone there who knows what to do with it.

Well got to go. Love you ‘all in Christ name. Penguin

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Idle time

It seems like I have a lot idle time and I don’t know what to do. I know I work a full time job and thank God for that but its only forty hours. People look at me weird sort of way when I say that. Maybe you do too! If you don’t know I’m so used to working truck driving hours. Working a normal work week is boring. You see as a truck driver you are require to work 70 hours that’s just what the books say. He or she drives for 11 hours plus 4 hours on duty non-driving. Now that’s just on the books. Let’s look at a typical day for a driver.

A usual day I wake up at 4:30 am do the paperwork the Dot wants to see. By 4:45am on the road to finish last part of my run where there is no traffic and easier to find the destination. I get to final at around 7:00am check in with guard and warehouse personnel. Back into spot if there is one usually got to wait a couple hours. Mean while take a nap, if you can because now people are bouncing you all over there place going in and out of the trailer. Also your boss/dispatcher is messaging you when are you going to be done, go find out. You never do that but you play the game because you don’t want the customer mad at you and keep you there longer. About 10:00-11:00 you’re released and now you’re waiting for the next load. You try to find a spot to park in the mean time. Just as you get settled your boss gives you a load but it 70 miles down the road. It’s about 1:00pm now and by the time you get to next destination its 3:00pm. You get out talk to the guard check in to ware house people and get loaded now its 4:30-5:00pm and guess what you have to be at your destination by 7:30am the next morning. Are you tired yet? Hope not because you have 550 miles to drive by then. Most trucks are now govern and set 68-70 mph. So that means 8 hours of driving. You got to get fuel and something to eat that’s an hour and since its rush hour traffic time because all you 4 wheeler clogged up the highways going home from your measly 8 hour day we will add one hour. (A jab)That’s 10 hours I get a 2 hour nap in a rest area. Thank God. Can’t wait till the weekend when I get full nights rest because the warehouses aren’t usually open Saturday or Sunday. Thank you forty hour people for not working my hours because sure do need a little nap. If you refuse the load or are late you will sit where ever you are for a couple days that means no pay. That means staying out even longer, away from your family and friends if you have any left when you get there. The truth is you will not have any friends because you are not in their lives.When you come home you’re dead tired and the last thing you want is to drive even if it’s around the corner.

So I’m trying to figure out what to do. I volunteer at the food bank its only 3 hours on Tuesdays. I am taking classes on line. I am learning to play the guitar. Don’t laugh if you know me because you will understand this is a God thing. I’m not musically inclined at all. And I’m laughing myself because its so funny to see God use me in ways that I never thought of. I still feel like there is so much time I have. I don’t know what to do.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What road are you on?

What road are you on? I got a saying,” God's road should not be different than your road.” What is God’s road? Well lets look at the two greatest commandments in Matthew.

Jesus replied: “‘LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'LOVE your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." Matthew 22:37-40

Now in both commandments there is a word LOVE. What is God’s love? The love word comes from a Greek word called agape.

Agape (pronounced/ˈæɡəpiː/AG-ə-pee; after the Classical Greek agápē; Modern Greek: αγάπη [aˈɣapi]) is one of several Greek words translated into English as love. Many have thought that this words represents divine,unconditional,self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love.

So now are you getting the picture God loves you unconditionally. In order to follow the road of God you should Love yourself and your neighbor unconditionally. He made you. He loves you. He made your neighbor. He loves your neighbor. Let’s go through the day and concentrate on how we love yourself and our neighbor. Did we simply put on a smile, open the door, and pick up something on the ground to keep someone from tripping on it. Did we make that phone call to your family and friends just to make sure they are having a good day? Maybe just picking up the newspaper in the rain and putting on the porch so they don’t have to walk in the rain. Small things matter to God and that’s what love is, small.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Knock Knock Anybody Home

God’s the greatest don’t you know.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

This verse has been in my head for a few weeks or months. You see here in America I think churches are too closed to people. See I think we see God as one day maybe two day experience. We got it wrong. We are so scared people are going to take things, burn and destroy.Knock Knock anybody Home.

'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with your entire mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" Luke 10:27

I like to put word “Trust” instead of Love in this verse. It’s easier to “Love” someone than to “Trust” them. It's harder because you’re stepping out on faith. And faith is what its all about-Christianity. We close our churches. Our Churches should be open and I mean wide open to our community. I shouldn’t have to track down someone to unlock the doors or make special arrangements to visit the chapel. You should be able to walk in 24 hours a day 7 days a week into the house of the Lord. It’s His house. He sets the rules. I have never seen an hour’s poster, sign or verse in the Bible. That tells me I can come to him, please make an appointment and I will meet you there. No… No… No… No!!! He will meet you right now, this minute and answer your call. NOW!! He wants a relationship so bad with you that he is calling your name. Every hour… every minute… and every day. I want to see our Churches form a committee. That one person of that committee is going to be at the church 24 hours in time slots. Not to minister to, necessarily but just have the church open and be there. There is one rule for this person. He will not say anything to anybody when they come in. If the people feel they need somebody God will lead them to you. The person coming is coming to be with Lord not with you. God has called them there to talk and listen to their hearts without interference from man. Leave them in peace.

Love you guys Penguin

Friday, October 9, 2009

You took something from me and I want it back

You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake singing to the Lord. You know I think God enjoys humor because I am really bad at singing. I can see his face laughing in delight when I sing. Lately I have been really struggling with, “You(my wife)took something from me and I want it back.”

God gives you the answers of unexpectedness, don’t ya know. This morning’s devotional from The Upper Room (sign up for it to be delivered in your email) Genesis 32:9-32. It’s about Jacob wresting with God. I always pictured this, that Jacob had come to a small river bank preparing to cross and God met him there. As they are wrestling together all day and night God is giving him the tools and knowledge so he can cross over to the other side. Mean while God gave him a reminder of their meeting place, a limp. He also changed his whole identity.

This is exactly what he has done for me. He has change me forever. I no longer enjoy the same things as I once did. I no longer desire what I once desired. I live very simple now, so simple some people would call uncomfortable. I don’t want to live for myself but for God and his people. I have an undying love for all and want to help them in any way I can. I have a strong conviction to serve and spread the WORD. I am no way talented in music but enjoy singing to the Lord. It amuses him he even sent me a guitar an agape gift. Which I have no idea how to play, I am learning and my fingers are sore.

Back to what I am dealing with “You(my wife)took something from me and I want it back.”What I mean is? I moan about it ,cry about it, and its in my head all day. No more!! This is my new outlook “God took away and gave me a new identity.”The sun rises each day on my head. I go off limping in remembrance that God loves me and really does care for each one of us.

God Bless Each One of You, Penguin

Monday, October 5, 2009

Things to do After Traumatic Events

Life comes and goes. We have ups and downs. We all have traumatic events. How do we deal with them? Some are harder than others to get over. Others you just do the dance and it’s over. I have come up with 10 things to do. That will help you tremendously.

Ten Things to do After Traumatic Events
1. God -Always keep God your first priority in your life. Read scripture and have quite time some place special in your house don't let others disturb you.
2. Pray -This is your talk it out phase with God. Remember he is on your side forever. Tell him how you feel ask what to do. Ask him for a cheerful attitude. Ask him to put JOY back in your life.
3. Family -These are your top go to people. They can be your immediate family members and extended ones. All conversations should kept confidential. They should be willing to visit you personally and stay with you if need be. There should be lots of encouragement, hugs and personal touch. Prayer should also be involved.
4. Friends -These are not people who you just acquaint with. They are thought of as your best friends. These are people who will check up on you regularly either by electronic device, or physically checking in. Your conversations with them should be confidential. They should know that if there true friends. Prayer should also be involved.
5. Pastor -He or she offers biblical principles and encouragement from God. He is the sub-rock in your relationship with God. He will receive calls and be there for you. He/she will remind you God has something better for you and although doesn't feel like it now. Constant repeating will reach your soul. Prayer should be a key component of your relationship.
6. Church-This is the body of Christ who shows you agape love in all areas. They should bring food, do housework, yard work, love on you, call you and show up at no set time frame. Keep in mind some of all of these will be taken care of by the holy spirit to lead people.You must go every chance you get. Again this is your ROCK. This will not move.
7. Get A Routine Going-This is hard thing to do, so start small. Get out of the bed on the same side. Everything you do exactly the same. Make sure you start and end each day with a sincere prayer to God. As the days go on add another thing to your routine.
8. Job -This is important in your routine. This gets you out of the house. So you can interact with others. If you have panic attacks or just depressing bouts call your support network. Right then so they can help through it. The job will keep your mind off the problem and create another routine of its own.
9.Start A New Hobby-This a new beginning of your new life. Find something totally different than what you have not experienced. It will create the endorphins in your head and you will start living again.
10. Positive Attitude-This is more of a routine in your head. You must say to yourself things like. I will make it. I love myself. I will survive this. I will be strong. Say these things out loud in front of a mirror. Do it often and repeatedly even if you don't believe it now just keep doing it. Over and over and over.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Walk to Emmaus Retreat

The beginnings of a new journey are present in me. I have been home a couple of days now from the walk to Emmaus retreat. I had no idea how to put the experience to words. It was the most powerful Christian retreat I have ever been on. It is a Christian walk, to a higher plane of reality.

The three main things I learned were agape, prayer, and God does things that are not necessarily seen. I won’t go into great details about this. You are going to have to go to experience this yourself. Agape is one of several Greek words translated into English, as love. Many have thought that this word represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love. You will learn all about this. Prayer you will learn that prayer is powerful and people are going to be praying for you. And last but not least God works behind the scenes on your behalf, all the time. You will not know it but you sure will get the results. God and you won, satan zero. Game over.

If you see, or know of an individual Emmaus walker. You can ask them about it but more than likely you will not get hardly out of them. Not because it’s a secret. It’s such a deep personal walk there are no words to it. It’s an individual walk with Jesus your Lord and Savior who loves you very-very much. He has such an agape LOVE for you. That’s all I can tell you because there are no words to describe my feelings and yours will be totally different. I do know one thing for sure you are going to have an experience of your life time. God Bless Penguin

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Walking Down a Cobblestone Road

Imagine walking down a cobblestone road talking to a man in eastern type clothing. Just simply reminiscing about the execution you just saw and how awe struck the body laid there. The pain in his mother eyes you wish you could pluck out of your head. You knew him from a far off distant sermon he gave a few months ago in Galilee. He spoke of something great. An eternal life in the kingdom of heaven . You say to man walking,"I keep remembering the part he said he would concur death. What does that mean?" Immediately your eyes are wide open. Then the man you are talking to shows his scars in his hands,feet and his pierced side. Immediately you are anew. And you tear your sack cloth and kiss his feet cause he is your Lord.

Well I'm going to be talking to that man this weekend. On the Walk to Emmaus in North Georgia. I have no idea what to expect. Except something incredible-life changing knowledge. I hope you pray for me as I journey on into Graceland. Not the one in Memphis ding dong but the glory city in heaven. My friend and mentor Rev. Joe McKechnie from Arbor Pointe Church is sponsoring me. Please pray for his safe travels as well as my parents who will be puppy sitting.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Live for the Lord

Letting go, to me, the last few months has been really a jolting task on me. In some respects. Letting go of my wife was and still is the hardest test I have ever gone through. In the few months before I was in a Truckers Chapel service. I remember thinking man am I tired of money all I do is chase it. More bills just keep coming, never ending the more money I made the more bills. I remember saying in prayer please God just end this cycle for me. I want to be home I want a home job with my wife. I just want to be home. Well I got my chance but without a wife. She didn't want me home because it interfered with her lifestyle unbeknown to me. God took her out of my life physically but put mentally she is still there. It too shall pass. Mean while the Lord has blessed me tremendously. I make a meager amount, off work three days week, volunteer, go to college. Its a vacation let me tell you. I have been mentally preparing to live the mission life. But if you stop to think about it. I have been preparing everyday of my life. A couple of months ago God told me to turn off the air conditioner in the middle of the summer can you IMAGINE THAT. I am so blessed to enter another facility with air. I am freezing now. The other day I was over Mom and Dad's house. They are building a house and they are drenched with sweat they were complaining its hot. I'm and saying DUDE are you local,crazy, and must be out of your mind. Its beautiful weather. I wasn't hot or cold-it was just right. I started drinking pure fruit juice too! I all but eliminated carbonated drinks. No special reason and for some reason I don't crave drinks. God is preparing me for something special. Its missions. What is he doing in your life? Are you in his life? I encourage you to get back to the basics. Live simple.. Live happy...Live for the Lord.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sad or Happy

I don't know weather to be sad or happy. As you all know I volunteer at the food bank for Franklin County in Georgia. We have some doozzies(my own word) of a rain storms which flooded Toccoa pretty good wiping out our water supply since Sunday. All government buildings have closed as well as Schools across the county are closed. But nobody advertised the food bank was open. The sad thing was only 7 families got served. We usually have 60 come through this week in the month. They will be without food for a week.If you know these families pitch in and help your neighbor out. The good news is I got to relax and chit chat with the volunteers. We usually don't have the time cause we are busy beavers. I myself support the volunteers by keeping the shelves stocked and rotated as they are getting food off the shelf. I also carry and assist people to their cars or put bags securely on the wheelchairs. Then I take inventory and place an order at the end of my day. Al and Edith Vulcano brought a neighbors kids in to help us. Its does a heart good to see children get involved. Its like a new generation of Samaritans growing before your eyes. Parker was the boy who helped me out cool kid in 7th grade and loves science. He was a really big help. His sister helped keep the records of families coming in. My apologies can't remember her name. Please pray for though families who didn't get served and the water to be turned back on. Hope all is well your way.

Monday, September 21, 2009

You Are Worthy

I want to stand in the middle of a crowd and yell I am worthy and YOU are worthy of Gods grace. He accepts who you are at every moment. I want to say to every man,woman child, orphan,sick, dying, and healthy person. You are worthy of his love and affection. Let down your walls,open the door and let him in. Will you do it this day, this minute, this hour? Time is wasting away. Your everlasting life is just around the corner. All you have to do is believe in Jesus Christ with your whole heart and confess it among men/women and you shall enter the Kingdom Of God.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are you making deep footprints?

This is thought for you today. I really have been giving a lot of thought this question. Is it really important to leave deep foot prints in someone else lives. By footprints I mean tiny remembrances in the heads of others that turn out to big impacts on their lives. I think we are called to do this by God. So how are we called to do this?

Mark 9:35 Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all."

Now I realize the disciples were arguing amongst themselves who is the best disciple. But I like to take a different level. Lowering yourself and putting yourself last will put a bigger impact on someone else lives. For example when your boss comes and works right beside you. Don’t you feel more respect that he/she is on his knees with you, instead of telling you how to do it? Another example I think, God realized that giving up his son and having faith in him to do his will on earth. Jesus allowed himself to become equal among men by being born and dying here on earth. He showed us how to live here without sin. By lowering himself, he became first, leaving deep footprints in all our lives.

I like to thank DR. Ken Freshour,pastor at First United Methodist Church in Toccoa Georgia, for giving me the tools to figure this out. It seems like every week God provides me the answers. Through somebody unexpected.Think of your big footprint person this week? What impact did he/she have on your lives? Let them know by telling them so.I truly pray that the Holy Spirit will use this blog to have an impact on somebody in some small way. Have a great day and God Bless.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are you serving God like a dog?

Are you imitating your dog to serve God? Everytime you come home who greets you at the door, your dog. They are abundant in enthusiasm. I think God waits for your knocking on his door with the same enthusiasm. He is so excited to see you he loves you unconditionally. Matthew 7:7“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. “He is willing to give you everything to you. All you have to do is believe in him as Lord of your life. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

There is another aspect to a dog that’s like Jesus. He will never leave you. He is waiting to see where you go checking on you throughout the day. He patiently waits for his time to play with you. He is ready to serve you with abundant love and enthusiasm at a moment’s notice. Deuteronomy 31:8, The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

I ask, do you serve God like your dog does? I think he wants you to. The first command of Jesus "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind.” The second command of Jesus is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” But I say love Jesus like your dog loves you, with abundant love, enthusiasm, and unconditionally.

Friday, September 18, 2009


A friend of mine (Micheal Airgood) wrote a blog entry on the topic,

Anyone can count the seeds in a melon. It takes vision to count the melons in a seed.” –Unknown*

Wow, what similar vision I had. A couple months ago God turn my life upside down. You see I had a vision from God a couple years ago. He wanted me to go in to missions. He specifically said, "Learn to teach others so they can teach others." My wife at the time did not want any part of it. Chaos took over my life because I didn't follow God's plan. Don't misunderstand me. I didn't stop listening or stop going to church but I instead started going more. You see I made excuses not to attend church while I was on the road. I didn't have time,out of my way, or whatever non-sense I could think of. I removed those things from my mind and started attending the Truckers Chapel whenever I saw one. Then eventually I would make an appoint to stop at only Truckers Chapel truck stops. Then I got brave and started attending them while I was under a load. I was never late for a delivery, close but not late.
You see this was not what God wanted for me. He saw the fact that I could not do what he wanted because of my loyalty to my wife, and because he is a jealous God, he removed her from me. I can tell you it has ripped a hole in me that is the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life.
So now I am trying to catch up on the vision from God. I am not on the road anymore. I am going back to college. I am learning God's Word getting involved in volunteer work and finding out things about missions. I came across a website Adventures in Missions and I attended a "Be Conference" with them today. I really feel this where I need to be in my walk with the Lord. Please pray for me. To get accepted into this organization and solicit donations to pay for these transitions to come.