Abundant Life Ministries is a journey into life and mind of a missionary. His whole mission in life is to spread the WORD of God to those who will listen. I will live for God in any environment he sees fit.Help those who need helping and teach those who are willing to learn.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Am I Nuts?

Life is scary if we make it out to be. When I was a truck driver I continually find people and tell me you were there, that’s a bad neighborhood to get out and walk are you nuts. Am I nuts,well I-suppose I am. It seems to me it’s only what you make of it that’s bad. You got to act like you belong there that’s the key. The other major factor is God has your back in any situation. He is not going to send you some where you are not equipped to handle.

Recently I got divorced, not because of what I did but things she had planned to do before we were married. Any how I was so depressed with grief and empty loss of trust. I could hardly move or want to move. I had panic attacks and crazy feelings that I never want to deal with again. But then one day talking to the Lord,” He said wake up you silly boy. I love you and you got things to do for me.” So I woke up and here I go down another road in life. A road of uncertainty. It’s scary, yeah, only if you make it out to be.

See I know-without a shadow of doubt that I will be with the Lord someday. Maybe today or tomorrow it’s really up to him. In the mean time I will live life for him and recruit as many people as I can through the life I lead. Life is scary only if I make it out to be?

I choose because in the end I will be in front of the most Glorious King, with the most compassionate hand. At one tenth of second chance at touching His enchanted robe it will be the most glorious thing I will endure. No pain on earth will or overcome that glorious moment in time. No way no how!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Wow!! I had an amazing two days. First I want to say thanks Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa. I got to serve them drinks and clean up after their dinner. I know this sounds like nothing to be thankful for but in reality I got to know these precious souls. They have been through most Hell adults could ever imagine and yet they came all the way from Africa (Kenya) to share and perform for me. Thank you so much. I look forward to next year to serve them in greater detail.

I am also thankful to serve my community at the food bank. It is a gift from God to serve Stevens counties people. I see more smiles as I stock and rotate food then are handed over to them. I know they will eat this week. Thanks you to those who donate. I get to see the recipient’s smiles. Please know you’re in prayers also. Without you we (food bank) would not exist. If you know them thank them personally for me and tell them they mean so much to a lot of people not just recipient.

Thanks for staying up to date with Penguin. Have a great Thanksgiving and remember those serving God overseas without their family.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Relationship with God

You know I have had a word that keeps popping up in my head. That word is consistency how am I consistent with the things I do? More importantly how am I consistent in my relationship with God. Well my first thought during thought process is that I am. Now I’m not sure .I do have some consistent things I do like driving to work, work, eat and just play around and not get things done. These things are not pleasing to God on the surface. If you’re mentioning and talking about Him then you are. Do you mention Him everytime? Well not me, so I’m guilty. Am I slow to anger, fast to help out, cheerful on a consistent basis. No I’m not. Unfortunately I have passed up many opportunities. I can’t even be consistent in this blog. I go for days without communicating to you. And because of that I feel guilty that I’m not sharing what God does for me. Let me tell you now that I am bless by him every day because of him.

God is always consistent. He’s there every day, every hour and every minute for you. That’s right only you. He loves you constantly. He never leaves you. He always forgives you when you come to him for forgiveness. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to know that he will never leave me or stop loving me. Its such a comfort to know I have a true BEST FRIEND.

On a personal note, not relating to this consistency stuff. See I told you I’m not consistent. A few days prior to Sunday I ran across this Daraja Children Choir of Africa. I really want to see it. I seem to always have my head in the sand. My church is sponsoring it dah! I had no idea so tonight I’m going to it before work. It’s going to be along day as I serve at the food bank in the morning. So I am going to put my trucker’s attitude on and put it in 13th gear.

I talk to you later friends. May God bless you! Penguin

Friday, November 20, 2009

God’s plan for you

Remember when you were getting ready to go on vacation how excited you were? Or even when as a child you were anticipating Christmas? God’s plan for you should be that exciting! What is God’s plan for you? Living your life as a Christian is his plan for you. Your daily lives are witnesses for Him. Here are five key evidences that you’re living His plan Joy, Love, Prayer, Optimism, and above all Everlasting Lasting Life.

The first is joy. Do you ever notice that Christians are always smiling and joyful? Even in the midst of a crisis. Yes, I know we show sadness too! But we bounce back. We know God is in control of everything. He is not going to let us suffer, hunger, or be without the company of others. Paul says in Philippians 4:4-5 “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say again Rejoice in the Lord. Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.” If you’re not joyous read Philippians it’s a manual on how to be Joyful in all.

Love, we never cease to love all things. The two greatest commandments are in Matthew 22:37-39 Love your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is loving your neighbor as yourself.”I don’t know about you the first is easy the second is a test of my will every day. When you’re a Christian it easier to love things because we know Christ is in all things. Even in your poo. Can you imagine the gas fumes if we didn’t have poo. Thank you Lord!

Prayer is one of my favorite things in life because I get to talk to my truly best friend. He knows what I am feeling and calms me down when I’m angry. Cheers me up when I’m sad. It also answers questions to my thoughts. This is your telephone line to God and all his wisdom. Make use of it daily. Did you know we are called to pray without ceasing?

Being an optimist is a byproduct of a Christian life. You can’t help it. Because you know the real truth in life. If you are sad then you know one day you will be glad. If you are hungry he will feed you. If you are without shelter he will provide it for you. Whatever bad is in your life God is going to make it better in the future. There is no doubt on this matter.

Last but not least God is going to give you Everlasting Life with him in heaven. Paradise, cool waters, mounds of meat, cheese, chocolate, and friends. All you have to do is believe in him. Wow it’s so easy! All I have to do is say “Lord Jesus I am a sinner and I want to believe in you with all my heart and soul. Please come in to my heart and forgive me of my trespasses against you.” But here is the Two Dollar catch the minute you say this. You Die! You will never be the same dreary person again. You are a child of God and like your own Father he will protect you and love you. Even better than that, He will never cease in caring for you.

Now you know you’re on God’s plan. Are you excited! Tell somebody about it. Tell them there is happiness that will not go away. Spread his Word so that all come to know his Him as their personal savoir.

God Bless Penguin.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stocking the Shelves

I’m sorry followers. It has been so hectic lately I have neglected you. As we go into the holiday season there are millions of people without hope. They have not found Jesus. What are we doing to promote Him? It doesn’t have to be that hard. It really is just living your lives in a Joyous manner with compassion. Christ called us to live joyfully. Are you living that way? Are you complaining grumbling?

Today I worked at the food bank. I truly enjoy it. It’s rewarding to me and I work with special people who give of their time as well. Today was a record breaking day we served over 90 families. I kept stocking the shelves and we were running out of stuff. We received a generous donation of hams and for three weeks we have distributed them. Today we ran out of them and some did not receive them. It was heart breaking to those people as well as to the volunteers. Unfortunately we all have been Wal-Mart accustomed. By that I mean they wanted a voucher, for next week and expected it. We just can’t do that who knows what donations will come in next week.

The next couple of months are really sad when most of our society realizes they have nothing to give to their families and it takes a toll on them. If you feel lead to give, please do we really need it. Each week our inventories grow lower and lower. As the number of families get larger. If don’t know what to give. All food banks need canned meats, soups, rice, beans, canned fruits, sugar, and cereals. Just go down your grocery list and double it. If you like it chances are someone else needs it and will enjoy. Also check the expiration dates this saves the volunteer time of sorting and discarding them.

If you feel daring and want to. Why not go the extra mile and double your grocery list the next time you go grocery shopping and donate it. Don’t know where? Start at your church chances are there is someone there who knows what to do with it.

Well got to go. Love you ‘all in Christ name. Penguin