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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Am I Nuts?

Life is scary if we make it out to be. When I was a truck driver I continually find people and tell me you were there, that’s a bad neighborhood to get out and walk are you nuts. Am I nuts,well I-suppose I am. It seems to me it’s only what you make of it that’s bad. You got to act like you belong there that’s the key. The other major factor is God has your back in any situation. He is not going to send you some where you are not equipped to handle.

Recently I got divorced, not because of what I did but things she had planned to do before we were married. Any how I was so depressed with grief and empty loss of trust. I could hardly move or want to move. I had panic attacks and crazy feelings that I never want to deal with again. But then one day talking to the Lord,” He said wake up you silly boy. I love you and you got things to do for me.” So I woke up and here I go down another road in life. A road of uncertainty. It’s scary, yeah, only if you make it out to be.

See I know-without a shadow of doubt that I will be with the Lord someday. Maybe today or tomorrow it’s really up to him. In the mean time I will live life for him and recruit as many people as I can through the life I lead. Life is scary only if I make it out to be?

I choose because in the end I will be in front of the most Glorious King, with the most compassionate hand. At one tenth of second chance at touching His enchanted robe it will be the most glorious thing I will endure. No pain on earth will or overcome that glorious moment in time. No way no how!