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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Live for the Lord

Letting go, to me, the last few months has been really a jolting task on me. In some respects. Letting go of my wife was and still is the hardest test I have ever gone through. In the few months before I was in a Truckers Chapel service. I remember thinking man am I tired of money all I do is chase it. More bills just keep coming, never ending the more money I made the more bills. I remember saying in prayer please God just end this cycle for me. I want to be home I want a home job with my wife. I just want to be home. Well I got my chance but without a wife. She didn't want me home because it interfered with her lifestyle unbeknown to me. God took her out of my life physically but put mentally she is still there. It too shall pass. Mean while the Lord has blessed me tremendously. I make a meager amount, off work three days week, volunteer, go to college. Its a vacation let me tell you. I have been mentally preparing to live the mission life. But if you stop to think about it. I have been preparing everyday of my life. A couple of months ago God told me to turn off the air conditioner in the middle of the summer can you IMAGINE THAT. I am so blessed to enter another facility with air. I am freezing now. The other day I was over Mom and Dad's house. They are building a house and they are drenched with sweat they were complaining its hot. I'm and saying DUDE are you local,crazy, and must be out of your mind. Its beautiful weather. I wasn't hot or cold-it was just right. I started drinking pure fruit juice too! I all but eliminated carbonated drinks. No special reason and for some reason I don't crave drinks. God is preparing me for something special. Its missions. What is he doing in your life? Are you in his life? I encourage you to get back to the basics. Live simple.. Live happy...Live for the Lord.

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