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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stocking the Shelves

I’m sorry followers. It has been so hectic lately I have neglected you. As we go into the holiday season there are millions of people without hope. They have not found Jesus. What are we doing to promote Him? It doesn’t have to be that hard. It really is just living your lives in a Joyous manner with compassion. Christ called us to live joyfully. Are you living that way? Are you complaining grumbling?

Today I worked at the food bank. I truly enjoy it. It’s rewarding to me and I work with special people who give of their time as well. Today was a record breaking day we served over 90 families. I kept stocking the shelves and we were running out of stuff. We received a generous donation of hams and for three weeks we have distributed them. Today we ran out of them and some did not receive them. It was heart breaking to those people as well as to the volunteers. Unfortunately we all have been Wal-Mart accustomed. By that I mean they wanted a voucher, for next week and expected it. We just can’t do that who knows what donations will come in next week.

The next couple of months are really sad when most of our society realizes they have nothing to give to their families and it takes a toll on them. If you feel lead to give, please do we really need it. Each week our inventories grow lower and lower. As the number of families get larger. If don’t know what to give. All food banks need canned meats, soups, rice, beans, canned fruits, sugar, and cereals. Just go down your grocery list and double it. If you like it chances are someone else needs it and will enjoy. Also check the expiration dates this saves the volunteer time of sorting and discarding them.

If you feel daring and want to. Why not go the extra mile and double your grocery list the next time you go grocery shopping and donate it. Don’t know where? Start at your church chances are there is someone there who knows what to do with it.

Well got to go. Love you ‘all in Christ name. Penguin

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