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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Walking Down a Cobblestone Road

Imagine walking down a cobblestone road talking to a man in eastern type clothing. Just simply reminiscing about the execution you just saw and how awe struck the body laid there. The pain in his mother eyes you wish you could pluck out of your head. You knew him from a far off distant sermon he gave a few months ago in Galilee. He spoke of something great. An eternal life in the kingdom of heaven . You say to man walking,"I keep remembering the part he said he would concur death. What does that mean?" Immediately your eyes are wide open. Then the man you are talking to shows his scars in his hands,feet and his pierced side. Immediately you are anew. And you tear your sack cloth and kiss his feet cause he is your Lord.

Well I'm going to be talking to that man this weekend. On the Walk to Emmaus in North Georgia. I have no idea what to expect. Except something incredible-life changing knowledge. I hope you pray for me as I journey on into Graceland. Not the one in Memphis ding dong but the glory city in heaven. My friend and mentor Rev. Joe McKechnie from Arbor Pointe Church is sponsoring me. Please pray for his safe travels as well as my parents who will be puppy sitting.