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Monday, November 23, 2009

My Relationship with God

You know I have had a word that keeps popping up in my head. That word is consistency how am I consistent with the things I do? More importantly how am I consistent in my relationship with God. Well my first thought during thought process is that I am. Now I’m not sure .I do have some consistent things I do like driving to work, work, eat and just play around and not get things done. These things are not pleasing to God on the surface. If you’re mentioning and talking about Him then you are. Do you mention Him everytime? Well not me, so I’m guilty. Am I slow to anger, fast to help out, cheerful on a consistent basis. No I’m not. Unfortunately I have passed up many opportunities. I can’t even be consistent in this blog. I go for days without communicating to you. And because of that I feel guilty that I’m not sharing what God does for me. Let me tell you now that I am bless by him every day because of him.

God is always consistent. He’s there every day, every hour and every minute for you. That’s right only you. He loves you constantly. He never leaves you. He always forgives you when you come to him for forgiveness. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to know that he will never leave me or stop loving me. Its such a comfort to know I have a true BEST FRIEND.

On a personal note, not relating to this consistency stuff. See I told you I’m not consistent. A few days prior to Sunday I ran across this Daraja Children Choir of Africa. I really want to see it. I seem to always have my head in the sand. My church is sponsoring it dah! I had no idea so tonight I’m going to it before work. It’s going to be along day as I serve at the food bank in the morning. So I am going to put my trucker’s attitude on and put it in 13th gear.

I talk to you later friends. May God bless you! Penguin

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