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Friday, October 9, 2009

You took something from me and I want it back

You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake singing to the Lord. You know I think God enjoys humor because I am really bad at singing. I can see his face laughing in delight when I sing. Lately I have been really struggling with, “You(my wife)took something from me and I want it back.”

God gives you the answers of unexpectedness, don’t ya know. This morning’s devotional from The Upper Room (sign up for it to be delivered in your email) Genesis 32:9-32. It’s about Jacob wresting with God. I always pictured this, that Jacob had come to a small river bank preparing to cross and God met him there. As they are wrestling together all day and night God is giving him the tools and knowledge so he can cross over to the other side. Mean while God gave him a reminder of their meeting place, a limp. He also changed his whole identity.

This is exactly what he has done for me. He has change me forever. I no longer enjoy the same things as I once did. I no longer desire what I once desired. I live very simple now, so simple some people would call uncomfortable. I don’t want to live for myself but for God and his people. I have an undying love for all and want to help them in any way I can. I have a strong conviction to serve and spread the WORD. I am no way talented in music but enjoy singing to the Lord. It amuses him he even sent me a guitar an agape gift. Which I have no idea how to play, I am learning and my fingers are sore.

Back to what I am dealing with “You(my wife)took something from me and I want it back.”What I mean is? I moan about it ,cry about it, and its in my head all day. No more!! This is my new outlook “God took away and gave me a new identity.”The sun rises each day on my head. I go off limping in remembrance that God loves me and really does care for each one of us.

God Bless Each One of You, Penguin

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