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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sad or Happy

I don't know weather to be sad or happy. As you all know I volunteer at the food bank for Franklin County in Georgia. We have some doozzies(my own word) of a rain storms which flooded Toccoa pretty good wiping out our water supply since Sunday. All government buildings have closed as well as Schools across the county are closed. But nobody advertised the food bank was open. The sad thing was only 7 families got served. We usually have 60 come through this week in the month. They will be without food for a week.If you know these families pitch in and help your neighbor out. The good news is I got to relax and chit chat with the volunteers. We usually don't have the time cause we are busy beavers. I myself support the volunteers by keeping the shelves stocked and rotated as they are getting food off the shelf. I also carry and assist people to their cars or put bags securely on the wheelchairs. Then I take inventory and place an order at the end of my day. Al and Edith Vulcano brought a neighbors kids in to help us. Its does a heart good to see children get involved. Its like a new generation of Samaritans growing before your eyes. Parker was the boy who helped me out cool kid in 7th grade and loves science. He was a really big help. His sister helped keep the records of families coming in. My apologies can't remember her name. Please pray for though families who didn't get served and the water to be turned back on. Hope all is well your way.

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