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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fundraising for Mission Trips

Has your church or church group got the call from God go into missions? The vision came to you and now you’re looking at all kinds of mission trips, mission trips to Africa, college mission trips, and family mission trips. Then Jesus came knocking at your door and you found it. Its perfect fit for your group, but how in the world do raise the money. Fundraising for mission trips is not that hard and came pull your them together before the trip. It creates a bond between your group and your church family. I got five great fundraising ideas for mission trips.

· Prayer, I think this is the most powerful way to raise your funds. Get people to pray about it. Make sure that the core group is put on the prayer list. You never know who is going to read it and have it laid on their hearts. Once your church is behind you with this all falls into place.

· Yard Sale is to everybody liking even to the ones hate going to them. It gets rid of your junk. Everybody has heard the saying “one man trash is another’s treasure.” So get into the garage, attic, and even pull out that old broken lawn mower somebody is going to buy it for a few dollars. Remember sell cheap people are looking for deals not Wal-Mart prices. I learn this from Mom so you know it’s true. Moms never tell a story!

· Bake Sales are great too. I love them because of all the delicious foods. Also it’s a great way for older people to donate their time to your cause. See they got the time to bake some great goodies. Grandma’s cookies, need I say anymore! Put a sheet a paper below each of your bake goods and have people bid on them. They are fun or just put a price on it have people buy it.

· Put on a play for your community. This is great for your mission group as they will bond even more before the trip. It is also great to bring people from the community to your church. That’s the whole idea anyway. Make sure you have a Love offering at the end.

· Auction, this is kind of like the bake sale. Have people bring typically unused or new products to sell. Put a piece of paper below each item to allow bidding. People put their price they are willing to pay. Each person below will have a higher price than the one before. Be sure to have a designated time frame. I like three to four weeks in churches because how many times do you actually go. The one who has the highest bid wins.

These are just some ideas to help in your fundraising for mission trips. The key really is getting the word out that you need the money. Along the way you will bond and be a better church for yourselves and your community. In the process all your church family will have taken part in “The Great Commission.”

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Put On the Shelf

Today, I discovered that putting my heater on the ground instead of on a shelf. The room quickly heated up. It got me thinking what else have I put on the shelf. Others things I have been putting on the shelf at times were gifts given to me by my Mom and Grandma. They were giving me food stuff like hot sauce, pineapple salsa, micro beers, and wines. They wanted me to experience the local flavors because they knew I like to try different foods from areas . Couldn’t figure out why they were giving these things to me.I thought I would put it on display shelf. I truly thought they were shelf items. It was like when you collect Coke bottles and souvenir type stuff. I guess that’s why I thought to put it on self for decorating because they were coming back from various vacations. I was really appreciative of it. My intentions were to save it for a later day. It just sat there and I didn’t get to enjoy either. I let them down. In the past we have all been guilty of putting things on the shelf, aren’t we?

At times we put God on a shelf to enjoy on another day. He doesn’t want that he wants a fruitful relationship with you. As with any relationship you have to communicate with that person. Communicating with God is through prayer. That means literally talking to Him like you talk to your Mom. Asking questions, concerns, things you would want. Then allowing him talk to you. That means being silent and free from dilly dally. Like picking your nose, yeah I know you do? Or just squirming around. Concentrate he will answer your questions.

In that day you will no longer ask me anything. I tell you the truth, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. John 16:23-24

I guarantee if you ask in Jesus name and believe in it. He will answer you. So, please my friends stop storing your relationship with Jesus on shelf. Start talking and things that go bump in the night will not have you terrified. You will have a joyous, adventurous and rewarding life.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is in a dollar?

What is in a dollar? I know you’re going to 100 pennies. No, it’s an agreement to you and me. I agree that this is worth this much only because this bill is worth something to somebody else. That’s what God said to you and me he sent his only begotten Son into world to save our wretched behinds. Can you imagine sending your son or daughter into a fallen world where there is death and hatred? God did because he loves you so much he gave his most precious prize to you and all you have to do is believe in him with all your heart and mind.

Why, you say? Because he loves you. Yes I can say that’s a hard concept to accept. So let’s explore LOVE. Love is an action word. Love can be given. Love can be earned. Love can be bought. But only you can only choose to accept it. There is nothing I can do to make you take it. There is no price on it unless you or I choose to put a value on it. Just like $1 it’s only valuable to someone desiring it.

I bought it, hook line and sinker. I bought Jesus as my savior. I choose to Love him and honor his teachings. Which are in a book called the Bible? The Bible is the written word of God. He inspired the words in the Bible and used approximately 40 different authors to write his words. These authors wrote over a span 1,500 years. The perfect agreement of these writers is one proof they were inspired by one true author, GOD. All passages are to be used to teach, to reprove ,correct from evil and to teach righteousness. They will help you live right and equip you to work for Him.